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doing our part

In 2007, we were the only supermarket chain selected by the U.S. Green Building Council to participate in a program for retailers integrating green technology into existing buildings. In the same year, the EPA also named us an Energy Star Leader because we have successfully improved energy performance in our buildings.

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greening our stores

We’ve partnered with the EPA and other organizations to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gases, and decrease air pollution. Even our transportation systems limit fuel usage and CO2 output.

Our newer stores have energy efficient day lighting, T5 fluorescent lighting and refrigeration systems with high- efficiency fan motors. We’ve also installed automatic occupancy sensors, reflective roofs that reduce heat absorption during the summer and systems that curb electric power during peak demand times.

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what you can do

You can make a big difference by simply shopping with any of our reusable bags. Seasonally designed bags are available in all stores for $.99 and $1.99. We also offer new, environmentally friendly, plastic bags for only $.10. These bags can be re-used, will hold more items than regular plastic bags and eliminate the need for double-bagging.

All of our stores also offer plastic bag recycling. Bring your plastic shopping bags to our stores and we’ll send them, plus all of our shrink wrap, to our plastics recycling company to become composite decking. To date, we’ve collected millions of pounds of bags for recycling.

sustainable seafood

sustainable seafood

Shopping for sustainable products? We're committed to selling high-quality seafood that's good for you and good for the planet.

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