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start your year the right way

Fruits and veggies add new colors and flavors to your New Year’s diet for an improved health.

Fruits and veggies add new colors and flavors to your New Year’s diet for an improved health.

start your year the right way: add more fruits and veggies!

It’s the start of a new year, and you’re motivated to set a new goal and improve your health. Should you try that new diet everyone is talking about? Should you take on a new exercise plan? What exactly should you do to be at your best this year? Well, you could consider brightening up your meals with more fruits and veggies! The Dietary Guidelines for Americans emphasize eating more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Why are fruits and vegetables so beneficial, anyway? They have fiber to fill you up and vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy. Did you know they could also help you become more lean and fit? Studies show that eating a well-rounded diet full of fruits and veggies will nourish the friendly bacteria in your gut and lead you toward a healthy body weight. In addition, adding fruits and vegetables gives you the chance to make your meals more colorful and appetizing!

There are no rules for what foods you can eat at each meal, and the possibilities are endless! Here are some easy ways you can add fruits and veggies to your day.

  • Breakfast:
    • Slice a banana to top your favorite cereal.
    • Make an omelet or quiche with some spinach, onions and tomatoes. You could even consider that leftover veggie pizza from last night!
  • Lunch:
    • Mix some blueberries and raspberries into your low-fat yogurt.
    • Slice some cucumber or zucchini to add unique flavor to your sandwich.
  • Snack:
    • Make a fruit kabob with grapes, strawberries, kiwi and pineapple. It’s fun for kids to eat, too!
    • Dip baby carrots or celery sticks in your favorite hummus.
  • Dinner:
    • Spice up your usual chicken or fish recipe with some mango or peach salsa.
    • Bake a sweet potato and serve as a side. You could even try mashed sweet potatoes or sweet potato fries!
  • Dessert:
    • A baked apple is a sweet twist to dessert! Slice up an apple, add some honey and cinnamon, and microwave in 1 minute intervals until soft.
    • Try substituting avocado for butter when baking your favorite brownies!

  • Get creative and have fun! Adding some new colors and flavors to your diet is an exciting way to start the new year.