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April 4, 2013

Arlene Putterman
Stop & Shop NY Metro

Stop & Shop to Host A "Healthy Senior Summit" in New Haven

New Haven, CT (April 4, 2013) - The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC and Elderly Services, City of New Haven are sponsoring a "Healthy Senior Summit" at the Stop & Shop located at 150 Whalley Avenue in New Haven on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 12:30 pm.

A panel of experts including Patricia Wallace, Director of Elderly Services, City of New Haven; Dr. Mario Garcia MD, M.Sc. MPH, Director of Public Health, City of New Haven; Tagan Engel, Chair of New Haven Food Policy Council; Anne Demchak, Store Manager of the Whalley Avenue Stop & Shop and Kate Walton, Director of Interfaith Volunteer Care Givers of Greater New Haven and Summit moderator will discuss "Practical Ideas for Eating Better".

"Many elders, whether poor or affluent, have increasing difficulties in getting healthy food into their homes. There are over 20,000 seniors living in New Haven and 91% say supermarkets are the most important place for them to get food," said Walton. "In the past few years, many seniors have taken advantage of Stop & Shop's Peapod online home delivery service since getting to the stores and carrying food home is challenging for them," said Arlene Putterman, Public Relations Manager of Stop & Shop's New York Metro Division.

"Healthy eating habits profoundly impact quality of life so it is important for the community to work together in helping seniors eat healthy," said Demchak. "At Stop & Shop, we readily accept the challenge to help elders eat better in our local communities because the supermarket plays an important role in providing a variety of healthful food choices. Millions of customers shop our stores weekly so we have a unique opportunity to help families right where food purchasing decisions are made."

The "Healthy Senior Summit" will focus on practical healthy ideas that are affordable and easy to prepare. Stop & Shop features thousands of Healthy Ideas items throughout the store to help the elderly make smart choices when shopping for their groceries. Demchak will give the inside scoop on how to shop for high nutrition/ low cost healthy foods, and easy ways to prepare them. She not only has extensive knowledge of the food industry but is the primary caregiver for her 91 year old father, which gives her a unique perspective on the challenges of eating healthy.

According to Patricia Wallace of Elderly Services, a recent study shows that 88% of elderly surveyed said they had never attended nutrition classes for the elderly. Ms. Wallace will discuss other findings from the study and the impact of the federal sequestration on elderly nutrition programs.

Dr. Mario Garcia, Director of Public Health, City of New Haven, says "public health has shifted over the years to focus on the prevention of chronic diseases." The Department strives to structure its organization and programs to address newer challenges such as the increasing burden of chronic disease risk factors.

Panelist Tagan Engel, Chair of The New Haven Food Policy Council, has been instrumental in leading an inclusive array of grass root advocates who have issued the 2012 New Haven Food Action Plan. Ms. Engle, who also works for City Seed which sponsors the Farmers Markets and other initiatives, has a broad understanding of all the factors that communities need to nurture in order to get adequate healthy food in reach of all its residents.

Following the panel discussion will be store tours designed for elders on a budget who want to maximize the nutritional 'bang for their buck'. Representatives from several organizations will be present with resource tables, educational information and sampling of healthy treats. Transportation to the event is being sponsored by Elderly Services, City of New Haven and other large senior housing locations in Hamden. This free public event is being coordinated by Interfaith Volunteer Care Givers of Greater New Haven.

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