cooking tips

make the most of your roast

Cold winter temps? Cozy up to the comfort of a hearty roast with all the fixin’s. Our prime tips will help you pull it off perfectly.

roast on plate
meat case

the right cut

Elegant or easygoing, there’s a cut for every occasion. If you have a specific recipe in mind, ask our butchers to help you select just the right cut. Allow 1 lb. per person for bone-in meats, and 1/2 lb. per person if you’re going boneless.

roast in oven

the how and why

As a cooking method, roasting rules because it’s easy. The cooking happens when the dry air of the oven is circulated, much like baking. A great technique for cuts that are already tender.

roast in crock pot

the braise craze

Braising is a popular way of tenderizing meat by submerging it in an herbed broth, wine or other liquid during the cooking process. It’ll leave you with a flavorful, fall-apart roast and plenty of compliments from your guests.

raw roast with garlic and seasons

greet the season(ing)

Fresh or dried, herbs and spices add oomph to any dish. Rub your roast with oil, garlic and chopped rosemary before cooking for fresh and fragrant flavor.

leftover sandwich

got leftovers?

Pile thinly sliced beef and swiss on a seasonal bread from our bakery (like our Simply Enjoy Rosemary demi loaf) for a hearty post-holiday dinner.

side dish

a sweeter side

No roast stands alone. If you’re on the search for sides, apples and cherries complement the savory flavor of roasted pork. Add them to a cobbler, risotto or roulade stuffing.

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