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goodness of produce

Delight your senses with fruits and vegetables.

Monthly Health Topic - goodness of produce

sensing the goodness of produce

The produce section is always a delight to the senses. Its aisles are full of fruits and vegetables that are bursting with splashes of color, contrasting textures, fresh scents, and exciting tastes. While selecting, preparing and eating your fruits and vegetables, take some time to enjoy and savor these fresh and fantastic foods.


In the produce department, your eyes are instantly greeted with color. Brighten any meal with a splash of color with produce like yellow bananas, ruby-red apples, orange carrots and deep-purple eggplants. Take that boring chicken salad, and make it exciting with red grapes, mandarin orange slices and a salad mix. With all of those colors, your meal will look more like a color wheel than a simple plate!


A dish full of contrasting textures can make a simple meal more appealing and appetizing. Try a snack where crunchy meets creamy, like celery sticks and hummus or jicama and Greek yogurt dip. Update a classic meal, like a charcoaled burger, and add slices of cool and creamy avocado.


Slice open citrus fruits, like oranges and grapefruits, and you’ll fill the air with sweet, fresh scents. Fill your kitchen with the enticing aroma of caramelized onions, and you’ll have your household anxious for dinner. And, with warm weather on the way, try exploring fresh herbs. Herbs like fresh mint will smell refreshing in drinks like lemonade, fruit water or iced tea.


Produce has a variety of flavors to excite your taste buds. Try a spicy red chili pepper in salsa, tart lemons in a vinaigrette or tangy Honeycrisp apples with granola. Top a simple slice of toast with fresh strawberries, and you’ll transform a simple snack into an elegant one. Or give your guacamole an authentic southwestern flair by simply adding cilantro. Take that tiresome chicken dinner, and give it an exciting new flare by substituting salt for chopped garlic.

Next time you’re in the produce section, use the power of your senses to inspire a meal that you and your family will love. Pretty soon, your friends and family will think of you as a gourmet chef!

Check out our Health & Wellness Library for our Peak of Flavor brochure to learn when produce items are at their freshest!