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February 4, 2015

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Hyde Park and Orangeburg, NY stores awarded LEED NC* Certified Status

Purchase, NY (February 4, 2015) - The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC and its parent company Ahold USA recently achieved another milestone in their commitment to building greener sustainable stores. The Super Stop & Shop stores in Hyde Park and Orangeburg, New York have each received Leadership in Energy and Efficient Design for New Construction, (LEED) NC certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the national accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. Stop & Shop has 15 superstores which are LEED certified, with 4 of these stores located in New York.

To obtain the LEED certifications these two Super Stop & Shop stores had to satisfy prerequisites in six areas including sustainable site design; water efficiency; energy and atmosphere; materials and resources; indoor environmental quality; innovation and design process. Starting with the site design, both stores have a white roof which reduces the heat island effect (the increase in outdoor temperature of the surrounding area due to heat-absorbing surfaces). Stormwater is collected and treated on-site to a higher standard than required by code. Water efficient plumbing fixtures were used reducing the indoor water consumption by 40% over standard fixtures.

Both stores reduced energy use by 23% over a standard grocery store by incorporating saving strategies such as skylights to bring in daylight and thereby reducing electricity consumption of the lighting during the peak daylight hours. LED lighting was also used throughout the store which has a longer life and reduces the electricity consumption by half. Furthermore, open deck refrigerated cases have been replaced with more efficient closed door cases. Refrigerated cases also have high-efficiency fan motors producing less heat and providing energy savings within the refrigeration system.

Construction waste generated at both locations was recycled rather than being sent to a landfill and 99% of the waste was recycled during the construction process at both stores. Materials containing recycled content and materials sourced locally were used on the projects. Over 95% of the wood materials used were Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified, sourced from responsibly managed forests. In addition, low-mercury containing light bulbs were used throughout both stores to reduce the environmental problems caused by mercury.

There are also green building features unique to each store. In Hyde Park, no irrigation system was installed on the site thereby further reducing water use. All of the site landscaping uses plants native to New York State which are non-invasive. The store also received extra credit for arranging a new bus route to improve public transportation access for customers and store associates. In Orangeburg, the store was built on a brownfield and previously developed site. Over 40% of the project’s construction materials were sourced locally, which is defined as within 500 miles of the store location. Nearly 100% of the construction waste was recycled rather than being sent to a landfill.

“We are very proud to have achieved the LEED NC* certification status in our Hyde Park and Orangeburg stores. Stop & Shop is a pioneer in building energy efficient stores, and we are committed to utilizing best in class construction practices and green building technologies when we build new stores. Our store construction practices are part of our commitment to being a Better Neighbor and to contribute to the well-being of the communities that we serve by caring for the environment,” said Don Sussman, president of Stop & Shop New York Metro Division.

In addition to building LEED certified stores, Stop & Shop is also committed to reducing its energy consumption in all of its stores as part of its goal to reduce its carbon footprint by 20% this year using 2008 as a base line. The company is also focused on reducing its cardboard, plastic, organic and food waste and has set a goal to reach zero waste by 2020. This means that at least 90% of its total waste will be diverted from landfills.

Editor’s Note: *NC – New Construction

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The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC employs approximately 59,000 associates and operates 394 stores throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey. The company helps support local communities fight hunger, combat childhood cancer and promote general health and wellness – with emphasis on children’s educational and support programs. In its commitment to be a sustainable company, Stop & Shop is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and EPA’s Smart Way program; and has been recognized by the EPA for the superior energy management of its stores. Stop & Shop is an Ahold company. To learn more about Stop & Shop, visit or