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put it on paper!

Cooking in parchment (en papillote) is a classic technique for preparing nofuss healthy meals. Perfect for the home cook in a hurry, parchment packets can be prepared a day in advance. This magical method holds in moisture and the steam roasts food in a flash for meals that basically clean up after themselves.

Cooking in parchment.
picking your parchment paper for cooking

picking your paper

Unlike wax paper, which is not heat-resistant, parchment paper is ideal when cooking up to 425°. To start, tear off a large piece of parchment paper at least 18 inches long and fold in half like a book. Place the paper on a rimmed baking sheet.

the proper procedure for cooking in parchment

the proper procedure

Place your ingredients just off center next to the crease, leaving a wide border around the edges. Fold the parchment paper over to close the “book.” Crimp the edges to seal the packet.

what cooks best in parchment

what cooks best

Quick-cooking proteins are the best choice for parchment cooking. Avoid thick cuts of meat, including steak, bone-in chicken, or pork chops. Stick to fish fillets, shellfish, chopped vegetables, and boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

pitch it in the right place - parchment paper is biodegradeable and compostable

pitch it in the right place!

Because it’s coated with food-safe silicone instead of wax, parchment paper is biodegradeable and compostable. Toss it in with your yard waste to provide food for next year’s garden.

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