cooking tips

above all, it has to taste good

You have your bird, but you want it to stand out. Use our tips to help you turn out your tastiest turkey yet.

cooking tips - it's turkey time
fresh herbs

infuse flavor throughout

Herbs are a no-fail natural flavor booster, so fill your turkey’s cavity with fresh bundles before roasting. We recommend sage, rosemary and thyme with a few fresh citrus slices for an unexpected twist. (Discard after roasting.)

turkey cooked via frying method

crisp skin, tender meat

Frying is a fast method that results in a deliciously tender turkey. Use equipment specially designed for frying a whole bird. Fill fryer with oil and add the turkey only after it’s fully defrosted. Experts recommend frying 3–4 minutes per pound.

turkey soaking in brine

focus on flavor and moisture

For a perfect brine ratio, combine 1 cup of salt for every gallon of water. Place turkey in a large container with brine and soak, refrigerated, until it’s time to cook. Keep it classic or spice it up with anything from cayenne to maple syrup.

turkey cooked in foil

full-roasted flavor and tender texture

For a picture-perfect turkey, tent the breast with foil about 2/3 of the way through roasting to shield it from overcooking.

cooking tips - apple-cranberry glazed turkey

apple-cranberry glazed turkey

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cooking tips - classic buttermilk mashed potatoes

classic buttermilk mashed potatoes

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cooking tips - citrus-rosemary roasted turkey

citrus-rosemary roasted turkey

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