school tools

Use these tools to help your school get more supporters – and earn more A+ School Rewards. We’ve created letters, forms and other resources to help you reach friends, family and alumni in your community, track your school’s progress and collect information for easy registration.

parent letter

Fill in your school information and send a copy of this letter home to the parents of your school.

download english download spanish

friends and family letter

Don’t forget to encourage family, friends and neighbors to sign up. Use these letters to help spread the word.

download from child download from parent

designation form

Use this spreadsheet to collect up to thirty Stop & Shop Card numbers for quick entry into the designation section of our website.


sporting event flyer

Post at the next big game to encourage fans/alumni to support your school.


sporting event PA announcement

Read throughout your game to remind loyal supporters to designate your school.



Print and display at meetings and around your school.


library bookmarks

Print and insert in library books to encourage parents to register for A+ School Rewards.


AFS check reissue form

If your A+ School Rewards check was lost or stolen, ask your school principal to complete this form to have it reissued.


progress poster

Keep track of your monthly school totals and see how close you are to reaching your goal.


name and address change forms

name change
address change
name and address change

W-9 tax form

This form needs to be submitted if you are a new school enrolling in the program for the first time.