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warm up to frozen food

Affordable, convenient, and flash frozen at peak freshness with no loss in nutrients.

warm up to frozen food - dish of frozen berries

warm up to frozen foods

Did you know people have been freezing since 1000 B.C.? Only until the 1920s did Clarence Birdseye, the mastermind behind freezing food, discover how to preserve the quality of frozen food.

Fresh foods are quickly frozen after harvest, which helps to maintain their nutrients. Frozen foods typically cost less and can be more convenient. Adding frozen items to every day meals is easy and can be nutritious.

Frozen Fruits
Use as a garnish in beverages or as a tasty addition to your meal!

  • Combine berries, Greek yogurt, and peanut butter to make a delicious smoothie for breakfast
  • Pack blueberries for a simple snack at work
  • Add strawberries to your milk to keep it cold and to give it some fruity flavor
  • Put peaches into vanilla yogurt for a sweet treat

Frozen Vegetables
Increase the amount of vegetables you eat with these quick and easy options!

  • Many vegetables come in a microwavable steam-ready package. Try peas or corn for a quick addition to a casserole
  • Other vegetables can be cooked in a small amount of water in the microwave or steamed on the stovetop. Also try pre-mixed vegetable medleys for a quick stir-fry
  • Roast Brussels sprouts or broccoli in the oven for a healthy meal side

Frozen Fish
Having frozen fish on hand is convenient when you are low on options!

  • Most breaded fish filets can be baked frozen, making for a quick and scrumptious main dish
  • Pair a sautéed salmon filet with a tangy lemon sauce for a flavorful seafood dish

Other Frozen Foods
Multiple frozen food items can be paired to create a complete meal!

  • Pair a pizza or dinner entrée with green beans to make a well-rounded meal
  • Toast waffles and top with thawed strawberries for a fast and savory breakfast option
  • Use bread dough to make a warm homemade loaf of bread

Keep the Quality
Use frozen food as soon as possible after purchase for the highest quality meals. Frozen food will remain safe indefinitely if stored at 0˚F or lower. This chart provides information on how long frozen foods stay fresh. Store food in plastic bags to create airtight packaging, ensuring food stays moist while in the freezer.

Food Item Freezer Time
Frozen Bread Items 3 months
Frozen Fish 3 - 6 months
Frozen Meals 3 - 4 months
Frozen Fruit 8 - 12 months
Frozen Vegetables 8 - 12 months

Next time you’re shopping, stroll down the frozen food aisle and take advantage of convenience, quality, and savings!