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the art of artichokes

The artichoke is one of the oldest known foods, but many folks are puzzled when it comes to cooking them fresh. Put down the jar and get to the heart of this uniquely delicious vegetable.

fresh artichoke
choosing the right artichoke

the right ‘choke

To select an artichoke in its prime, look for tightly closed leaves and a heavier weight – both indicators of freshness. During the winter, some may have a white or blistered appearance, but their taste won’t be affected.

how to boil an artichoke

how to boil an artichoke

Cut off the stem and base of the artichoke and remove the small bottom leaves. Place upright in a large pot; cover and boil for 30 minutes. Artichokes are fully cooked when the base can be easily pierced or the leaves easily pulled off. Finally, turn ‘chokes upside down to drain.

how to roast an artichoke

how to roast an artichoke

Cut off the stem and base of the artichoke and remove the small bottom leaves. Use a paring knife to cut out the inside leaves. Tightly wrap in foil and place in baking dish or on cookie sheet. Drizzle with marinade or dressing and sprinkle with herbs and spices, then bake in 425°; oven for 50–70 minutes until tender.

what to do with an artichoke once it's cooked

once it’s cooked . . .

Now for the good stuff. Pull off one leaf at a time, dipping the base of each leaf in butter, hummus or dip and pulling off the soft pulp with your teeth. Once all leaves are removed, spoon out the fuzzy center to reveal the heart of the artichoke. Cut the heart into smaller pieces, then dip and enjoy.

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