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Customers shopped daily at their corner store since few had “ice boxes.” Our stores sold fresh produce and dry goods, while butchers sold meats and poultry.

1914: The Rabinovitz family opens the first Economy Grocery Store in Somerville, MA.

1918: The company grows to 32 stores.


Meyer Tempkin, store manager, perfects his store’s fresh produce display. Notice the sales signs for meats and chicken. And the prices, too.

1925: Sidney Rabb, “Mr. Sidney”, is named Chairman and remains so for the next 60 years.

1929: We continue to grow through the start of the Great Depression – peaking at 435 stores.


In 1935, we open RH White Foodmart, New England's first and largest self-service supermarket, featuring rock-bottom prices, more products and parking for 1,000 cars.

1937: We continue to grow throughout MA, and open in VT and NH.

1939: We start our Quarter Century Club for those who have worked here for 25 years. Fifteen employees receive this special recognition. In 2014, 159 people will be honored.


During WWII, sugar, butter and meat were rationed. Paper was in short supply. Customers were urged to send holiday treats overseas to our men in uniform.

1941: The first Stop & Shop opens in CT.

1942: Stop & Shop, Inc. becomes the official name of the company.

1949: Sales hit $50 million.


In 1959, Stop & Shop opens its 100th store in Natick, MA.

1950s: We move out to the suburbs as the baby boom begins and new highways are built.

1955: We start building a new grocery warehouse in Readville, MA.

1956: Expansion into RI begins.

1959: The Consumer Affairs Department is launched.

We build a new fully-automatic bread plant with the largest capacity of any bread bakery in New England – 7,200 loaves in one hour.


In 1965 mini-pricing is introduced with great fanfare. This new pricing strategy combines agressively low prices with increased promotional efforts.

1963: We develop the Consumer Board Program – the nation’s first network promoting face-to-face dialogue between management and consumers.

1965: Mini-pricing is introduced.

1966: “Stores of Tomorrow” open with wider aisles and new layouts to make shopping a more satisfying experience.

1968: We begin construction on a fully mechanized grocery distribution center with a completely computerized inventory system in New Haven, CT.

We build a new fully-automatic bread plant with the largest capacity of any bread bakery in New England – 7,200 loaves in one hour.


Customers prefer our Stop & Shop Economy line of products, since “honest values are what Stop & Shop is all about.”

1971: We build the most technically sophisticated meat processing and distribution plant in Marlboro, MA.

1976: On January 5, 1976 at 3:27 p.m., sales reach $1 billion.


A new super store in Chestnut Hill, MA opens, offering specialty food shops and a broad selection of general merchandise.

1982: The first Super Stop & Shop opens in Pembroke, MA.

1984: We surpass $3 billion in sales.

1986: All stores and corporate headquarters are now “computerized”.


Peapod celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. It’s the first company to launch virtual grocery stores in the U.S.

1995: We move into Long Island, New York with the purchase of Melmarkets and its 17 Foodtown stores.

1996: The company is acquired by Royal Ahold NV.

Peapod, in partnership with Stop & Shop, begins delivering groceries in Boston.


Stop & Shop pioneers SCAN IT! technology. Using this handheld device, shoppers can scan and bag their purchases and checkout in less time.

2001: We begin an aggressive expansion into the New York Metro region.

We open the first Low Energy Super Store in Foxboro, MA.

2004: We open a new, state-of-the-art distribution and transportation facility in Freetown, MA.

2008: We change our logo from a stoplight to the “wedge” design.


Shoppers can shop with their smartphones using SCAN IT! Mobile.

2011: We expand into New Jersey and Staten Island with new acquisitions.

We partner with Shell to expand our Gas Rewards program.

2013: We launch our Facebook page.

2014: We celebrate our 100th Anniversary.