Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl & Spoon 6+ month

Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl & Spoon 6+ month

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Suction Bowl & Spoon.


Warning: Always use this product with adult supervision. As with any item that is microwaveable, please use caution. Lid should not be placed on bowl when warming in microwave as pressure may build inside bowl. Microwave should be used for warming purposes only. Always test food temperatures before feeding to baby. Do not let child walk or run with bowl. Always use this product with adult supervision. Spoon: Do not let child walk or run with spoon. Always use this product with adult supervision. Please retain these instructions for future reference.


Nuby - Baby led feeding. Snap-in spoon! Built-in suction base. Food safe. Our Easy Go suction bowl is made of tough break resistant polypropylene and is engineered to fit either the left or right hand. The ergonomic design allows the bowl to be held in a comfortable and more natural feeding position without the worry of spilling contents of bowl. As with any feeding method, you will find your most comfortable position. This bowl is conveniently sized, just right for dry cereal and other baby foods. The Easy Go Bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe. All Nuby products are made of safe, durable materials and exceed all government safety regulations and standards. Spoon: When babies begin to show interest in feeding themselves, having the right equipment is a must! Not only is it important to have utensils that are safe for the baby, but they should be specially designed to be easy for little hands to hold and use. Our Easy Go Spoon is designed to meet all of these special needs for either left-handed or right-handed babies. The handle is comfortable for little hands to hold, promoting self-feeding. 6+ m. Meets CPSC Safety Requirements. Facebook: NubyUSA. 1-800-LUVNCARE (U.S.A. only). BPA free.

Not intended for use with liquids. Microwave Instructions: Remove lid and place bowl in microwave and warm at proper time and power level for food inside. To avoid spills, burns and possible scalding, place a paper towel between suctions cup and the microwave's glass plate. After warning, stir food from the outer sides to the center and always test temperature before serving. Cleaning: Wash before initial use and after each subsequent use. Dishwasher safe (top rack only) or wash in warm water using mild liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Spoon: Cleaning: Wash before initial use. Wash in warm soapy water and rinse well. Dishwasher safe on the top rack.

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