Barnie's Cafe Mocha Truffle Medium Roast Coffee (Ground)

Barnie's Cafe Mocha Truffle Medium Roast Coffee (Ground)

12 oz pkg


100% Arabica Coffee Natural Flavors.


Decadent rich & chocolatey. 100% Arabica coffee. No one does flavor like us. Our Story: Nearly 40 years ago, we started our journey inspired to create the most dramatically delicious coffee in the world. We soon found out that we weren't the only ones that loved scrumptious, delectable, decadent flavors. You loved them too! And that's where you come in, our Why, the reason we get up every day and do what we do. Our first brick and mortar store opened in 1980 and from there we grew with you taking us forward. You see, we believe that a brand doesn't build itself, but instead, is co-created with you. Barnie's coffee has become a household name and synonymous with the words: awesome, delicious, creative, and unique (did we say delicious?). And that is why we can confidently say. No one does flavor like us - no one. Naturally flavored. Share with us (at)barniescoffeeandtea. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. Spill the beans: Contact us at 1(800)284-1416 or speak with experts at custornerserxice(at)

Directions: Open bag. Inhale deeply (Ahhh). Scoop coffee (2 tbsp). Pour water (filtered 6 oz). Brew and enjoy Try it over ice: Scoop ice (1 scoop), mix and enjoy.


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