Starbucks Via Instant Dark Italian Roast Coffee Decaf

Starbucks Via Instant Dark Italian Roast Coffee Decaf

12 ct pkg

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Decaffeinated Instant And Microground Coffee.


Starbucks Via® Instant Dark Roast Coffee Decaf Italian Roast Packets. 100% Arabica. Decaffeinated instant and microground coffee. 12-0.11 oz/3.3g packets. Net wt 1.4 oz/39.6g. Made with the same high-quality 100% Arabica beans we use in our stores, Starbucks Via® instant delivers rich, delicious flavor you'll love. Roasty & sweet. Expertly crafted to bring out sweetness and intensity, decaf Italian roast - our quintessential dark roast - has deep, full-bodied flavor and notes of caramelized sugar. Conservation International. Proud partners in ethical coffee sourcing since 1998. Find out more at or ©2014 Starbucks Coffee Company. All rights reserved.

1. Pour into cup. 2. Add 8 fl oz hot water. 3. Stir and enjoy.


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