Gevalia Kaffe Signature Blend Mild Coffee K-Cups

Gevalia Kaffe Signature Blend Mild Coffee K-Cups

12 ct box

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100% Arabica Coffee.


Caution: Pod is hot. Allow to cool after use.


Keurig genuine K-cup pods. Full-bodied, citrus, and bright. Founded in Sweden. Est. 1853. Heritage collection. A rich, never bitter coffee experience. Gevalia has been refining the art of expertly crafted coffee since 1853 when our journey began in the small port town of Gavle, Sweden. Discover our 150-year pursuit of perfecting an exceptionally rich, never bitter taste. Only Genuine K-Cup Pods are optimally designed by Keurig for your Keurig coffee maker to deliver the perfect beverage in every cup. Signature Blend A part of the Heritage collection, Gevalia Kaffe Signature Blend is a premium coffee created especially by our master taster. Made from prized Arabica beans - years of blending and tasting expertise have culminated in this robust, delightfully mild blend, which brings out delicate cocoa and citrus blossom notes. It may be our signature blend, but your name is written all over it. For use in all Keurig K-Cup brewers. Find us on or To learn more, visit Visit to learn more. For more contact information contact: Gevalia Kaffe Import Service: 1-888-496-0021. Discover more at For brewer inquiries contact: A-88-901-BREW / 1-866-901-2739; Recyclable (not recycled in all communities) K-cup pods. Peel, empty, recycle. Recycle: Check locally (Not recycled in all communities) to recycle empty cup. This carton is made with recycled material. Please recycle.

Peel: Starting at puncture, peel lid and dispose. Empty: Compost or dispose of grounds. (Filter can remain). Store in a dry place.

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