Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark Roast Organic (Whole Bean)

Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark Roast Organic (Whole Bean)

10 oz bag

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Arabica Beans.


Kicking Horse® Coffee Kick Ass® Dark Whole Bean. Sweet. Smoky. Audacious. USDA Organic. Fairtrade®. Net Wt 10 oz (284 g). About This Blend. If there's something worth doing, we think it's worth doing great. This remarkable blend of beans is the spirit of Kicking Horse® Coffee, and a bold invitation to wake up and kick ass with us. Fairtrade: We are only interested in using coffee that is good and fair for both our coffee drinkers and for our farmers. We believe we can't have one without the other. We want our coffee to taste great, but we want to feel great about our story too. Thanks to Fairtrade, and you, we do. Organic: Here's what Organic coffee means to us: it means the best in coffee, and the best in intentions. Here's what Organic coffee means for you: it means our coffee is pure, pesticide free and full of flavor. Here's what Organic coffee means for the world: it means smart farming, planning for tomorrow, and not sacrificing the future. Organic means not compromising. Not settling for anything less than the best. And that's what's in this bag! Wake Up & Kick Ass®: "Mmmmm hmmmmm". That's the sound of good coffee. Deep, dark and delicious coffee. These are Organic, Fairtrade, Arabica beans, roasted right in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We love what we do, and we think you will too. That's why this coffee kicks ass. Wake up with us. Fairtrade Certified. Certified by Ecocert Canada (COR). Certified by Ecocert SA CA-BIO-154 (EOS). Canada Organic. Kick Ass®, Kicking Horse® and the Kicking Horse Coffee logo are registered trademarks of Kicking Horse Coffee Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. 1.888.287.5282.

Make Great Coffee. Grind just before use. Use fresh, cold, filtered water. 2 Tbsp for every cup. More if you're bold. Store beans in an airtight container.

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Kicking Horse Coffee


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