Eden Organic Kukicha Twig Tea Bags

Eden Organic Kukicha Twig Tea Bags

16 ct box

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Organic Roasted Tea Twigs And Leaves Camellia Sinensis.


Eden® Organic Kukicha Twig Tea. 16 tea bags. An authentic time honored tea from Uji, Japan. It is tended, harvested, and prepared exactly as it has been for centuries. Roasted slowly and repeatedly, this organically grown twig tea creates a delightfully refreshing and satisfying brew whether served steeping hot or ice cold. Kukicha twig tea contains 90% less caffeine than regular brewed coffee. Kukicha is perfectly suited to go with meals, warm conversation, or quiet contemplation. Kukicha tea is the repeatedly roasted twigs and leaves of the tea plant. OCIA certified organic. Printed with vegetable ink on recycled cardboard. Please recycle. Eden Foods®. www.edenfoods.com. ©2006 Eden Foods, Inc.

Brewing directions for the perfect cup: Hot: please use a ceramic, glass, earthenware or stainless steel kettle or teapot. Heat water to a rolling boil. Fill a cup and steep the tea bag for 4 plus minutes and remove. Normally twig tea is boiled. The ground tea in this tea bag makes a great steeped cup of tea. Iced: for ice tea, brew as above using less water. After steeping, cool and then pour into an ice filled glass. To make a pitcher of ice tea, we recommend using 4 tea bags to 1 quart water for 6 servings. We find that half Kukicha tea and half fruit juice is an excellent beverage for children.

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