Teapigs Dream On Chamomile Flowers Tea Temples Caffeine Free

Teapigs Dream On Chamomile Flowers Tea Temples Caffeine Free

15 ct pkg


Chamomile Flowers.


May contain coconut and lychee nut.


Naturally caffeine-free. Dream on. Great taste. 2018. Chamomile Herbal Infusion: Most chamomile teas are made by crushing the flowers - not a nice thing to do. The best chamomile tea comes from brewing the whole flowers - which is exactly what we do. The chamomile flower is celebrated for its health benefits, which include calming, aiding sleep and supporting digestion. - Louise. Big leaf. Big flavor. Good to Know: We only use big, quality, whole leaves. No dust. Big leaf = Big flavor. Simple. Natural, with no artificial flavorings. All of our teas, herbs, flowers, berries, spices and natural flavors are non-GMO. We give back to the communities that bring us our tea. Discover our huge range of tea and teaware at: teapigs.com. If you'd like to tell us something please: email to: louise(at)teapigs.com. Write to: 117 Grattan Street No. 320, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA. FSC: Mix - Board.

Boil: How We Like it: 1 temple per cup. Boil to 212 degrees F. Brew for 3-5 mins. Please keep me cool and dry until I'm finished. Best Before: See back of pack.

Country of Origin

Packed And Blended In Germany For Teapigs.