Barry's Tea Irish Breakfast Black Tea Bags

Barry's Tea Irish Breakfast Black Tea Bags

80 ct box


100% Black Tea.


Naturally low in calories. Expertly blended in Ireland since 1901. Irish Breakfast: Our lightest and most refreshing signature blend. Family owned since 1901. As a family owned Irish company since 1901 we understand the importance of tea in Ireland. In fact we have spent years perfecting our signature Irish Breakfast, a unique blend that has been passed on through generations of our family. Since the beginning our Master Blender has never compromised in his absolute commitment to fine quality tea. Tea is a great source of hydration and is naturally low in calories. For over 110 years every batch of our specially blended tea has been measured with the greatest of care. These scales have some stories to tell. Our Master Blender has been using them since the very beginning because we know the more time we spend ensuring the quality of our tea, the more rewarding the taste will be. Great blends are all about the balance of flavours so we owe a lot to this simple set of scales. Twitter: Facebook. Proudly uses tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. Rainforest Alliance Certified: 50% Certified tea. 100% recyclable.

Making the Perfect Cup: To make the perfect cup of Barry's Tea, our Master Blender recommends one bag per cup and to always use fresh boiling water. Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea. For the perfect pot of tea, don't forget to warm the teapot and then follow the same ritual, allowing one teabag per person and one for the teapot. Once open store in an airtight container.

Country of Origin

Expertly Blended In Ireland Since 1901. Product Of Ireland. Box Printed In Ireland.,Ireland


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