Bewley's Irish Breakfast Tea Bags

Bewley's Irish Breakfast Tea Bags

80 ct pkg


Black Tea.


Bewley's Irish Breakfast Tea. Master blenders of speciality teas since 1840. Rich & invigorating. A strong, invigorating tea, rich in flavour and quality. Teabags. 250 g (8.8 oz) e. Over 175 years experience in every cup. We've been famously blending the finest quality teas since 1840 and we're just as proud of our teas now as we were back then. Bewley's was the first company to import tea directly into Ireland when Charles and Samuel Bewley chartered the tall clipper ship, "The Hellas" and landed 2,099 chests of tea all the way from Canton, China into Dublin. It was a bold and daring venture that helped create a nation of tea drinkers. To this day their spirit of excellence and originality continues to inspire us to create the finest blends of tea for you. Pack illustration: Harry Clarke stained glass windows in Bewley's Grafton Street in Dublin. An original feature since we first opened the cafe doors in 1927. The same great taste, cup after cup. Bewley's tea is famous for its consistently delicious flavour, that has been enjoyed by generations of Irish families. The key to achieving this lies with our Master Blender, Paul O'Toole. Every day he carefully tastes each batch of Bewley's tea produced in our factory in Dublin and blends to perfection, guaranteeing supreme quality and superb flavour every time. That means each time you drink a cup of Bewley's tea, you get the same great taste, cup after cup. Expertly blended, crafted and freshly packed in Dublin. Please recycle this pack. T: +353 1 816 0606. To learn more about our teas and coffees, please Visit

Store your Bewley's tea in a cool, dry place. Master Blender Tips: Boil fresh water and warm the teapot. Pop in your Bewley's teabags - 1 per cup. Pour in the water and let it brew for 3-5 minutes. Give the tea a quick stir, pour and enjoy!


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