Bigelow Perfectly Mint Black Tea Bags

Bigelow Perfectly Mint Black Tea Bags

20 ct box

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Carefully Selected Ingredients: Black Tea, Spearmint.


Fresh and flavorful tea blended with natural spearmint leaves. Gluten free. Non GMO. America's classic. Family Tea Blenders since 1945. Blended with 100% American grown spearmint. All natural. Tea bags individually wrapped in foil pouches. Freshness stays in. Air and moisture stay out. Enjoy. Protected in foil. Because flavor matters. Our family selects ingredients so carefully that they must protect them in foil to allow you to experience their full flavor – freshness – aroma. Bigelow Black Tea Blend. Perfectly mint. Our family is proud of our recipe. Feeling like the market needed a refreshing mint tea, Eunice Bigelow took to the kitchen to create one of her first blends for the company. She started with a rich, flavorful, black tea and then blended just the right amount of spearmint. One sip and you will see Plantation Mint is clean and smooth with the perfect mint finish! Carefully selected ingredients. Black tea/. Spearmint. Times change. Our tea doesn't. When I first created this tea, it was to share my love of Spearmint. That was the inspiration to blend handpicked tea from the beautiful tea gardens around the world with American grown Spearmint. Today we continue to hear that this is still the perfect blend, which is why we're excited to change the name, but of course not the recipe, to better reflect how people feel about my tea. Thank you for continuing to enjoy my special tea. Eunice Bigelow. Proud to be. Zero-landfill company. Certified B Corporation. Our tea bags are compostable. Our folding cartons are recyclable. Ethical Tea Partnership.

2 Steps to a Great Cup: Be sure to start with fresh cold water and bring to a rolling boil. Pour over tea bag, steep for 2 minutes (or whatever time you like), remove bag (but no squeezing please!).Iced Tea by the Glass: Same as above steep a little longer pour over ice. Caff-O-Meter (Represents average caffeine content; Individual products may vary) content per serving: Coffee 100-120 mg. Black Tea: 30-60 mg. Green Tea: 25-50 mg. Decaf Tea: 1-8 mg. Herbal Tea: 0 mg.

Country of Origin

Blended And Packaged In The USA.,Blended And Packaged In The USA. Manufactured In The USA. 100% American Family Owned.,Manufactured In The USA. 100% American Family Owned. Blended And Packaged In The U.S.A.,USA