Tazo Dream Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Bags

Tazo Dream Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Bags

20 ct box

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Chamomile Flowers, Orange Peel, Licorice Root, Blackberry Leaves, Roasted Chicory Root, Lavender Flowers, Passion Flowers, Valerian Root, Fennel Seed, Natural Almond Flavor, Natural Vanilla Flavor.


Based on herbal tea brewed with freshly boiled water for 4 minutes (no milk, no sugar), an 8 fl oz cup typically contains insignificant amounts of calories, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, protein and sodium. Drift into dreamland with the soothing taste of lavender, valerian, chamomile & sweet notes of almond. With our soothing blend of superstar valerian root, calming chamomile, aromatic lavender, almond and sweet hints of vanilla flavor, dreamland awaits. Let's go, you beautiful dreamer you. Brew the most out of life. We share your desire to get the most flavor out of life, whether it's scaling the Andes or sleeping under the stars. We also know that to truly be able to savor it all, you need balance-moments of rest and moments of charge. That harmony can be hard to find, which is why we crafted Energize and Dream, a power couple of perfectly complementing blends to invigorate or unwind depending on your day. So sip up, day or night, and go brew the most out of life. Sip confidently knowing we source responsibly. Brew the unexpected at tazo.com. For more information, please call 855-Tazo-Tea or visit tazo.com.

For Best Brewing: 212 degrees F: Bring fresh water to a boil. 8 fl oz: Pour water over the tea bag in a cup. 4 min: Let it brew. Wait patiently for perfections.