Tiesta Tea Tea Filters

Tiesta Tea Tea Filters

100 ct pkg


Tiesta Tea® Tea Filters. 100 loose tea filters. Utilities. Making tea simple. Drink loose. Live loose. 100% Recyclable. Chlorine free. You shouldn't have to wait for the right time or place to enjoy a quality cup of that loose stuff, which is why our tea filters are a must-have for all loose tea drinkers. Just scoop, steep and get on with your day! Brew loose. Drink loose. Live loose. Brew on the go. Flavor your brew @ tiestatea.com. ©2015 Tiesta Tea Inc.

Step 1: Toss a fat scoop of loose tea in your filter. Step 2: Fold over the top to cover the filter opening. Step 3: Dip in your tea mug for 3-5 min and enjoy! For extra security, tie a knot above the opening. Want more security? Use string or twine. Leave the flap on the outside of the lid of your cup for easy removal. Just 1 filter brews 2 liters of iced tea. Great for brewing jugs of sun tea.


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