Fiji Artesian Water Natural

Fiji Artesian Water Natural

1.5 ltr btl

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Typical Analysis for Taste: (Natural electrolytes and minerals give FLR water its soft, smooth taste) Silica: 93 mg/l; Calcium 18 mg/l; Magnesium 15 mg/l; pH 7.7; Bicarbonates 152 mg/l; Total dissolved solids 222 mg/l. From the islands of Fiji. Natural artesian. In Fiji, rainfall slowly filters through volcanic rock, adding the vital minerals that give Fiji Water its unique and refreshing taste. The water collects in an active ancient artesian aquifer deep within the earth, where it is protected from external elements. It's the way nature -intended water to be. Untouched. Earth’s finest water. Electrolytes. For water quality and information: 1-877-426-3454. Please recycle.

Country of Origin

Bottled At Source. Source: Yagara,Fiji,Fiji Islands. Product Of Fiji.,Viti Levu


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