Proud Source Spring Water

Proud Source Spring Water

25.3 oz btl


Pristine rocky mountain. Naturally alkaline. 8.5 ph + electrolytes. Let's start a ripple we can all be proud of. Every choice has a ripple effect. I have the future in my hands. Literally. I am proud. I think a head & give back. I am the source. The ripple effect starts with me. I am water. I flow & sustain. I will leave the world better than i found it. Naturally Occurring Minerals + Electrolytes: 42 calcium; 6.8 magnesium; 1 potassium; 12 silica; 145 bicarbonate; 4.6 chlorides; 166.8 TDS; 8.1-8.5 pH. Element mg: L. Proud Source Water is sealed at the source, guarded by one of the most prominent peaks in the majestic Rocky Mountains. As virgin water from rain and snow filters through layers of ancient rock, it is purified and transformed naturally, absorbing essential minerals that make it alkaline. The difference is in the taste; pristine and exceptionally crisp, crafted 100% by Mother Nature. Our pristine source is millions of years in the making. Natural alkaline water. Electrolytes + minerals essential. For questions or a report on water quality & information: 1-855-H2-PR-0-UD or Fund outdoor cleanups. Let's stop plastic pollution at the source-store shelves. Proud source water donates a portion of every sale to fund outdoor plastic pollution cleanups. Mission in a bottle. Together our goal is to remove 5 million plastic bottles from the environment every year. BPA-free liner safe. Infinitely recyclable eco-friendly. Sustainably package Rocky Mountain Spring Water for a plastic-free environment. Infinitely recyclable.


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