Plainview Growers Lavender Mist Orchid

Plainview Growers Lavender Mist Orchid

1 ct pkg


Plainview Growers Lavender Mist Orchid. Colorfruze orchids. Low water. Eco-friendly plants. This orchid has been infused with a non-toxic, patented dye to create its bold color. When the orchid re-blooms, new flowers will generate with their original, natural color. Printed in USA. For more tips on plant care visit © 2018.

Care instructions This orchid is an easy-care indoor plant. Find a location with indirect light that maintains a temperature between 65° and 85°. Important: Do not overwater! Check every 10-15 days. Only add water if moss is dry. No more than 4 oz. of water is recommended. There should be no standing water in the pot.


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