NeilMed Nasal Wash All-In-One Saline Spray Mist Sinus Allergy Cold

NeilMed Nasal Wash All-In-One Saline Spray Mist Sinus Allergy Cold

6 oz can


USP Grade Water, USP Sodium Chloride (8.4 Mg/ml) & USP Sodium Bicarbonate (Up To 3 G/ml) To Adjust PH.


Consult physician before use on babies under the age of 1. Large Volume Rinse Tip is for ages 5 & up. Do not use these tips for children under 5. System designed for single user to reduce the risk of contamination. Do not share with others. To avoid any pressure in the nose or ears, do not completely block or occlude nasal passage during use. Keep out of reach of children. Contents under pressure; please do not puncture or incinerate. Recommended storage conditions: Store between 41°F (5°C) & 131°F (55°C), out of sunlight & away from heat sources. Avoid freezing.


NeilMed® Nasal Wash Spray All-In-One. Nasal mist® saline spray. Sterile. New. Sinus, allergy, cold. Drug & preservative free. Safe to use during pregnancy. 1 Year and up. Cleanse. Moisturize. Soothe. 177 ml (6 fl oz) - Isotonic sterile saline solution. From the makers of the Original & Patented Sinus Rinse™ Kit. Ultra gentle mist tip. Dr. Mehta's large volume low pressure nasal rinse tip™. For ages 5 and up. No CFCs - Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer. ISO 13485: 2012 International Accreditation Quality Management System Certified Company. Tel: (877) 477-8633 (USA & Canada). © 2000-2017.

2 Specially designed nozzles. Ultra Gentle Mist Tip Nasal Moisturization: Thi tip can be used for ages 1 and up for moisturizing and soothing dry nasal passages. Insert tip of actuator into nostril and press gently until adequate volume has been sprayed and the nasal passages are moist. Repeat for the other nostril. For babies and children, do not insert nozzle beyond the flange. Use as often as needed. Large Volume Rinse Top for Nasal & Sinus Rinse: Dr. Mehta's new LVLP™ (Large Volume Low Pressure) nasal irrigation tip. This tip can be used for ages 5 and up. Apply the special conical lavage tip and follow the instructions in the next paragraph. Special Instructions for Large Volume Rinse: Stand in front of a sink, bend forward to comfort level and tilt your head down. Keep your mouth open and, without holding your breath, place the tip snugly in the nostril and squeeze the actuator until the solution starts draining from the opposite nasal passage or from your mouth. Allow the flow to continue for 2 to 3 seconds. Do not swallow the solution. Blow your nose gently, without pinching your nose completely, to avoid applying pressure on your eardrums. If tolerable, sniff in any residual solution remaining in the nasal passage once or twice prior to blowing your nose. This may clean out the posterior nasopharyngeal area, which is the area at the back of your nasal passage. At times, some solution may reach the back of your throat. If so, please spit it out. To help improve drainage of any residual solution, blow your nose gently while tilting your head to the side. Now repeat these steps on your other nasal passage.


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