No nonsense Feel Good Modern Compression Tights XL

No nonsense Feel Good Modern Compression Tights XL

1 pair


No nonsense® Feel Good Modern Compression Tights XL. 1 Pair super opaque control top. Graduated compression only where you need it. Made with advanced yarns, it rejuvenates, invigorates and puts a bounce in your step. Made in the USA of domestic and imported yarns. Size XL. Style Made Easy™. Comfort waistband. Graduated compression. Innovative yarn technology. Small HT 4’11”-5’9”. WT 100-150lbs. X-Large. HT 5’2”-6’0”. WT 185-260lbs. Medium HT 5’3”-6’0”. WT 120-170lbs. XX-Large HT 5’2”-6’0”. WT 235-300lbs. Large HT 5’2”-6’0”. WT 145-210lbs. Graduated Compression Super Opaque Tight. Panty:80% Nylon 20% Spandex Leg:79% Nylon 21% Spandex. Denier opacity scale. This style 90. Least coverage, Most coverage. Legwear, say hello to new technology that'll make your feet and legs feel better. Innovative yarns and modern graduated compression work together from morning to night to keep a bounce in your step. No nonsense® is a registered trademark of Kayser-Roth Corp. We know you'll appreciate how these tights fit. If you're not satisfied, visit or call us at 800-575-3497. Find out more at Find more tights at legwear products at ©2017 Kayser-Roth Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Care: Hand wash separately in cold water. Do not bleach. Drip dry. Do not iron.

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