Sharps Compliance Complete Needle Collection & Disposal System

Sharps Compliance Complete Needle Collection & Disposal System

1 ct pkg


Collection & Disposal System. Complete Needle™. Safe containment for Pen needles, Syringes & Lancets. Don't trash it. Treat It™. Optional return & disposal feature sold separately. Completing the cycle for a safer and cleaner future is easy!. The complete needle collection & disposal system provides users a method for return and proper disposal with environmentally responsible treatment. Environmentally responsible treatment repurposes waste into a new resource preventing buildup in our nation's landfills. System includes: 1-Quart needle collection container. USPS approved return shipping box and components. Bilingual instructions (English / Spanish). Syringe capacity: Holds up to 70 1cc and or 300 pen needles. Safe containment of pen needles, syringes and lancets. Includes a USPS approved return shipping box for proper disposal; return label sold separately. Proper disposal includes treatment of returned system-repurposes waste and prevents landfill use. To return the system for proper disposal visit and purchase a USPS approved label. Approved by U.S postal service. Packaging. Return for proper disposal requires an approved U.S postal service label available for separate purchase at or by calling 888.988.8859. Visit


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