L. Cotton Tampons Regular + Super Organic

L. Cotton Tampons Regular + Super Organic

30 ct pkg

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Cotton, Polyester, Glycerin, Paraffin, Titanium Dioxide.


20 regular + 10 super. GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard. Organic Certified by OTCO. 1 for 1. No rayon, chlorine bleaching or synthetic pesticides - because options. L. is for love. Cotton: organic cotton. Polyester: fiber that wicks away moisture. Glycerin: coating for smooth feeling. Paraffin: wax for smooth feeling. Titanium Dioxide: makes material look white, naturally occurring. We'd love to hear from you! 1 (888) 574-9646. Certified B Corporation. We believe access to period care is a fundamental right for every body. For every L. purchase, one period care item is made accessible to a person around the world who needs it. By supporting local organizations who make and donate pads, increase health education, create access to opportunity, and work to reduce menstruation taboos, we strengthen our collective action for lasting change. Love begins with L. Thanks for making period care more accessible for all. Learn more at ThisIsL.com With BPA-free plastic applicators. Cruelty-free.

Use for 8 hours maximum.

Country of Origin

Made In USA With Domestic And Imported Materials.,USA


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