O.B. No Applicator Tampons Regular Absorbency

O.B. No Applicator Tampons Regular Absorbency

40 ct box


Rayon And/or Cotton Fiber; Polyester/Polyethylene Cover; Polypropylene, Cotton, Or Polyester String.


Attention: Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious disease that may cause death. Read and save enclosed information.


O.b.® Tampons Regular. Fluid-Lock®. Grooves for leak protection. No applicator waste! Evenly expands all-around to fit the natural shape of each woman. Absorbency: All tampons are designated by absorbency. The absorbency ratings are standard among all manufacturers so you can compare them among brands. All Regular Absorbency Tampons absorb the same amount(6-9 grams). To reduce your risk of getting menstrual TSS, select the lowest absorbency to meet your needs. Absorbency: Regular 6-9g. Super 9-12g. Super Plus 12-15g. Ultra 15-18g. o.b.® protects you and the environment. Look inside for ways you can protect the environment. Carton printed on 100% recycled material. ? 1-877-454-7843. www.ob-tampons.com. www.ob-tampons.ca. © 2015 Edgewell.

1. Use the string to flare and enlarge the base of the tampon. 2. Place index finger in this newly created indentation. Use for 8 hours maximum.

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