KT Tape Elastic Sports Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Strips Black

KT Tape Elastic Sports Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Strips Black

20 ct pkg


Caution: If you have skin sensitivities, cancer, or are pregnant, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated or sore. KT Tape is not a replacement for professional medical care. Warranties and remedies limited to product replacement cost. Read all cautions on enclosed instruction sheet prior to use.


Elastic sports tape for pain relief & support (not clinically proven for all injuries). Preferred by Gold Medalist Kerri Waish Jennings. Kinesiology therapeutic tape. For Common Injuries (Not clinically proven for all injuries): Carpal tunnel; hamstring strain; wrist pain; runner's knee; neck strain; calf strain; shoulder pain; achilles tendonitis; tennis elbow; plantar fasciitis; golfer's elbow; shin splints; rib pain; ankle sprain; gluteus pain; quad strain. KT Tape Original vs. KT Tape Pro: Original: all-natural cotton; comfortable to wear; 1-3 days of wear; good level of support. Pro: Engineered synthetic; comfortable to wear; 4-7 days of wear; best level of support; reflective safety print; protective case; water resistant. Original cotton performance fabric. Train longer. Finish stronger. Non sterile. Share your KT Tape. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. (at)kttape. (hashtag)kttape. Video Instructions: www.kttape.com/instructions.

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