Dollar Shave Club Razor 6 Blades

Dollar Shave Club Razor 6 Blades

3 ct pkg


Caution: Keep out of reach of children.


1x razor handle. 1x 6 blade cartridge. 1x 4 blade cartridge. 6 blade extra-close vs 4 blade all-terrain. Test drive both our blades. Welcome to the club. 6 blade with precision trimmer for an extra-close shave. 4 blade optimally spaced blades for all-terrain shaving. Precision Blades: Precision cut stainless steel blades. Diamond Grip Handle: No slips or slides. Handle and cartridges not compatible with executive and 4x razor models. Learn more about the benefits of memberships at Carton.

Country of Origin

Cartridges Made In Israel. Handle Made In China.


Dollar Shave Club