Sylvania Indoor Extension Cord 15 Feet - 3 Outlets

Sylvania Indoor Extension Cord 15 Feet - 3 Outlets

1 ct pkg


Do not plug more than a total of 1625 watts in this cord set. This is a polarized extension cord set. To prevent electric shock, match wide blade of plug to wide slot and insert. The polarized plug is not intended to be mated with nonpolarized outlets(having both slots the same size).


Sylvania 15 Feet Extension Cord. 3 Polarized outlets with rotating safety covers. 13A/125V/1625W. Listed. For indoor use only 125V 60Hz AC. Sylvania is a registered trademark of Osram Sylvania, Inc. used under license.

Attention: Instructions for proper use. • Rated 125 Volts. • Use only within electrical rating marked on this cord set. • Fully extend before using. • Cover unused outlets. • Keep children and pets away. • Unplug when not in use (grasp plug, not cord, to unplug from outlet). • Fully insert plug. • Use indoors only. • Keep away from water and do not use in wet conditions. • Inspect periodically. • Do not use damaged extension cords. • Do not splice, repair or modify extension cords. To find total watts being used: If watts are not marked on the appliance, multiply ampere rating (on nameplate) by 125 to determine equivalent watts. Add the determined watts for each plugged-in appliance or lamp (sum of watts on bulbs) to find the total watts being used.

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