Sylvania Outdoor Mechanical Timer

Sylvania Outdoor Mechanical Timer

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The device must be mounted in a vertical position with the receptacle facing downward and with the receptacle at least 2 FT above the ground level. Caution: Suitable for use with outdoor appliances-Rain-tight when mounted vertically with the receptacle facing downward. Use a three conductor GFCI protected outlet. Do not immerse in water. Do not exceed rated capacity stated in this manual.


Sylvania Mechanical Timer. Multiple timer settings control two grounded outlets – ON, OFF, dusk to dawn, 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours. Photocell sensor activates lighting automatically. Timer settings: Off. On. Dusk-Dawn on at dusk, off at dawn automatically. 2Hrs on at dusk, stays on 2 hours*. 4Hrs on at dusk, stays on 4 hours*. 6Hrs on at dusk, stays on 6 hours*. 8Hrs on at dusk, stays on 8 hours*. *cycle repeats every 24 hours. UL Listed. For outdoor use. For outdoor use 120V 60Hz AC. Outdoor mechanical timer. Product Layout: 1. Timer dial: 2 to 8 hours or dusk to dawn and daily repeat function. 2. Power: Power indicator light indicates if the timer is turned on or off. 3. Sensor: Sensor will turn timer on at dusk and off at dawn. 4. 2 Outlets: Plug the lights or devices to be controlled by the timer into outlet. Installation: This outdoor mechanical timer has multiple settings from 2 to 8 hours or dusk to dawn and daily repeat function. Helpful Tips: When set to "ON", the timer will provide continual power to attached devices until the timer is switched to "OFF", or to any of the other operating modes. In the sensor mode, temporary light sources like headlights, porch lights and other external light sources will not interfere with the photocell function unless the external light source is on for more than 15 minutes. In that case, the timer will shut off until darkness is restored. The improvement avoids the flickering. Once programming activates at dusk in the 2hr, 4hr, 6hr, or 8hr mode, the program cycle will complete before the timer resets. Headlights, porch lights, street lamps and other external lighting sources will not interfere with the active timer program. Troubleshooting: Problem. Lights do not turn on, even when timer is in "ON" position. Possible. Lights are not in "ON" position, lights are not functioning, or timer is not receiving power. Corrective Action: Be sure that lights are functional by plugging them directly into the outlet. Be sure that lights are in "ON" position if they have their own switch. Be sure that the outlet that the timer is plugged into is active. Specifications: 14/3 AWG SJTW vinyl cord. Ratings: 120 Vac 60Hz. 1000 W Tungsten. 15 A General Purpose. 15 A Resistive. Save this instruction! Sylvania is a registered trademark of Osram Sylvania, Inc. Used under license. ©2013 UL LLC.

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