Duracell Powerbank Rechargeable 6700 mAh

Duracell Powerbank Rechargeable 6700 mAh

1 oz pkg


Battery Caution: Do not disassemble, short circuit or expose to fire or high temperature. Properly connect to specified device.


Up to 2x charging vs. the wall (Based on 1.0A iPhone and Samsung Galaxy wall charging block versus the Duracell Powerbanks 2.4A output). Up to 2x extra charges (Based on internal testing vs. iPhone 8. Result may vary by device & conditions). Pre-charged & ready to use. Net contents: 1 lithium ion powerbank. 1 micro USB cable. For Apple, Android & Most USB-Powered Devices. 6,700 mAh (24.3 Wh). 1 USB port. Complaint carry-on. For user instructionns and caution, go to www.duracell.com/en-us/powerbanks. Recycle battery according to local, state and national regulations.

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