Duraflame Stix Multi-Use Firestarters - 4 packs of 12 sticks

Duraflame Stix Multi-Use Firestarters - 4 packs of 12 sticks

7.5 lb pkg


Keep out of reach from children and pets. Not suitable for human or animal consumption. California proposition 65: The emissions from burning a firestarter and firewood can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide, soot, smoke and other combustion by-products, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and/or other adverse health effects. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.


Duraflame Stix Multi-use Firestarters. Multi-use firestarters. Just split, stack & start. Fireplaces. BBQS. Campfires. Four 12-stick packs. Lights 24 fires. 2 sticks per fire. Net wt: 30 oz (850.5 g) each. Total net wt: 7.5 lb (3.4 kg). • Fire starters for your fireplace, wood stove, campfire, or wood burning fire pit • 48 fast-lighting fire starter sticks made with 100% renewable materials • Break off 2 fire starter sticks to light a wood campfire or other wood fire; or a half stick to light 2 lbs. of charcoal Duraflame Stix Multi-use Firestarters are the compact and easy to use fire starter sticks from Duraflame. The fire starter sticks can be used to light your charcoal BBQ grill, or firewood in a fireplace or campfire year-round. They produce a clean, even-burning ignition source to light even the most stubborn wood. This eco-friendly alternative to conventional kindling works in a variety of places. Whether you’re using fire starter sticks to light a wood fire in a fire pit or taking the family to enjoy an outdoor campfire, Duraflame Stix Multi-Use Firestarters are perfect for any use and any season. We love using these fire starter sticks from Duraflame for our wood burning fire pits on the patio! Just break off a couple of sticks and keep the rest in the resealable bag for easy storage. Duraflame is proud to offer this USDA certified bio-based product. Duraflame Stix Firestarters are made from 100% renewable resources, including renewable waxes and recycled sawdust. Duraflame Firestarter Sticks are Easy to Use. Skip the Hassle of Paper or Kindling. Duraflame Stix Multi-use Firestarters can be placed beneath the wood in your campfire or conventional wood burning fire pit. Get your fireplace or campfire roaring in no time at all! Sit back and relax with your family instead of worrying about the hassle or mess of kindling. Because our fire starter sticks are easy to store, you can always have some on hand. They’re perfect for campfires on the beach too. Don’t worry about roaming around to collect kindling. Make your next campfire a breeze with Duraflame. Duraflame Multi-use Stix Firestarters are easy to light and take only a moment to fully ignite. These fire starter sticks work better than newspaper and leave less residue in your fireplace or charcoal BBQ grill than paper kindling. Duraflame Fire Starter Sticks are Designed with Sustainability in Mind. Fire starters help reduce wood fire emission by getting the fire started faster. No live trees are harvested in the manufacture of this product. Instead, Duraflame Stix Multi-use Firestarters use recycled wood and agricultural fibers, saving valuable natural resources. Using a firestarter results in faster and more complete ignition of the fire, reducing emissions of particulate matter and carbon monoxide. They are much safer to use than liquid accelerants. Great for Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, Campfires, Fire Pits and Charcoal BBQ Grills. Duraflame fire starter sticks ignite your campfire or fireplace without the danger or mess of petroleum starters. Duraflame Stix Multi-use Firestarters are trusted to start any wood or charcoal fire! Try Duraflame fire starters in a: • Wood-burning fireplace • Wood stove • Wood-burning fire pit • Backyard fire ring • Campfire on the beach • Chimenea or patio hearth Duraflame is proud to offer the perfect alternative to kindling for your fireplace or wood burning fire pit. With several trusted products in our lineup, we’ve got you covered. Order Duraflame brand fire products today!

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