Kiwi Shoe Shampoo

Kiwi Shoe Shampoo

8.7 oz btl


Kiwi® Shoe Shampoo.


Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Kiwi® Shoe Shampoo. SC Johnson. A family company. Since 1906. For all types of shoe materials. Helps keep your shoes looking like new. Ultra concentrated gel. For targeted cleaning. 8.7 oz (246g). Kiwi® Shoe Shampoo keeps your shoes looking like new!. It contains 2 enzymes to remove a wide variety of stains including dirt, oil, grass and more. Its built-in, fabric-safe brush works formula deep into different fabrics. Perfect for all types of shoe materials. All rights reserved. Questions? Comments? Call 800-558-5252 or Write Helen Johnson. Visit: ©2016 S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

Squeeze Kiwi® Shoe Shampoo and use brush to rub into shoe fabrics. For fabric shoes, rinse with water. For leather shoes, wipe with a damp cloth. Let shoes dry.


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