Night Splendor LED Votives Flameless

Night Splendor LED Votives Flameless

2 ct pkg


Night Splendor Flameless LED Votives.


Caution: This product contains a button battery. If swallowed, it could cause severe injury or death in just 2 hours. Seek medical attention immediately. This is not a toy. For decorative use only. Keep batteries away from children. If swallowed, consult a physician immediately. Replace batteries ensuring proper polarity. Failure to insert batteries in the correct polarity may shorten the battery life or may cause them to leak. Replace used batteries with CR2032 3V Lithium batteries. Remove batteries if exhausted or if product is to be left unused for a long period of time. Batteries should be recycled or disposed of in a safe manner. Do not dispose batteries in fire. Avoid contact with water. Please note: The color intensity and shade may vary from candle to candle. Due to various environmental factors, the color may change or fade over time.


Night Splendor™ Flameless LED Votives. 90 Hours battery run time. Flickers like a real candle. Each candle uses 1 CR2032 Lithium 3V Battery (included). Sterno home™. Customer service: Call: 1.888.867.6095. E-mail: [email protected] Visit

How to operate the candle: 1. Remove plastic pull tab from battery compartment. 2. Slide switch to "ON" position to turn candle on. 3. Slide switch to "OFF" position to turn candle off. Battery replacement: Open battery compartment door by removing screw. Using a coin, turn door 1/8 turn - counterclockwise. Remove battery and dispose of in a safe manner. Insert one new CR2032 3V Lithium battery, ensuring correct polarity ("+" icon should be visible). Replace battery door, turn 1/8 clockwise with a coin, reinsert screw and tighten. Note: Prior to battery installation, clean battery and compartment contacts. Candle care: To clean your candle, use a soft, dry cloth.

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