Tiki Set Sail Nautical Glass Table Top Votive

Tiki Set Sail Nautical Glass Table Top Votive

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Use only in well-ventilated area. Do not use in windy conditions. Use only Tiki brand wicks. Do not tip torch as fuel can spill and cause fire or serious injury. Store fuel in original fuel bottle with cap secured, and dispose of any unwanted fuel in accordance to local laws and regulations.Do not use product while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Keep out of reach of children and pets. For out door tabletop use only. Read complete instructions and warnings provided with product prior to use. Do not move vessel while burning. Never leave a flame unattended. Danger: Torch fuel is harmful or fatal if swallowed. Contains petroleum hydrocarbons. Read warnings on torch fuel container carefully. Never leave a burning torch unattended. Failure to follow warnings and instructions may result in serious injury or property damage. Use only Tiki brand fuels - do not use gasoline or other flammable fuels.


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For best results use with Tiki brand torch fuels. Instructions for Use: 1. Installing: Do not place torch under covered shelter or umbrellas, near pedestrian traffic or combustibles such as wood structures, fuel, clothing or dry vegetation. Retain these instructions for reference. 2. Filling: Unscrew metal cap and wick assembly from the torch and fill with Tiki brand Torch Fuel. Fill torch 1/2 inch from top. Do not overfill. Reattach metal cap and wick assembly to torch. Do not overtighten. Wipe away any spilled fuel before lighting. Caution: Place on temperature safe surface. 3. Lighting: Allow wick to become saturated with fuel. Exposed wick should be no higher than 1/2 inch. Caution: Keep clothing, hair and face away from flame when lighting. 4. Extinguishing: Using the snuffer cap that is attached to the torch, carefully place completely over wick until flame is extinguished. Place snuffer cap over wick to protect from elements. Allow to cool for 30 minutes before handling and refilling. Read all instructions and warnings carefully.

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