Armor All Glass Wipes

Armor All Glass Wipes

30 ct pkg


Keep out of reach of children. Disposal: Offer empty container for recycling. If recycling is not available, discard container in trash. Contains <0.5% phosphorus by weight. Note: Not for personal cleansing.


Armor All® Glass Wipes. 20% More!*. Crystal-clear, streak-free shine. Ammonia-free! Safe on tinted glass! 30 Wipes 7 In x 11 In. (17.7 CM X 27.9 CM). Your car’s delicate surfaces are too important to trust to a household cleaner. Some household glass cleaners contain ammonia, which may damage automotive surfaces. Armor All® Glass Wipes are specially formulated for the toughest automotive jobs – where clean windows matter most – to deliver spotless, sparkling glass with amazing clarity and shine! Incredible clarity and shine. Easily removes filmy residue, road grime, bugs, fingerprints and more. Residue-free — no streaking or hazing. Ammonia-free! Safe on auto glass! 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. As the leader in quality car care, Armor All absolutely guarantee its products will meet or exceed your highest standards. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact us for a full refund. †Compared to our 25 wipes size. Questions? or comments? Please visit or call 1-800-222-7784. © 2017 The Armor All/STP Products Company.

Wipe glass clean with Armor All® Glass Wipes. Wipes will feel slightly dry to the touch. Repeat until streak-free. Use additional wipes if necessary. Let surface dry. Dispose of wipe in trash. Do not flush. For best results, use on cool, dry surfaces. Very hot or cold temperatures may affect performance. To open package: 1. Open lid and pull out wipe from center of roll. 2. The next sheet pops up automatically. 3. When finished, close lid to retain moisture. Tips & tricks: Keep a canister in your car for quick touch-ups on the go. The moisture lock lid is guaranteed to keep them fresh for at least a year.

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