WD-40 Oil Smart Straw

WD-40 Oil Smart Straw

11 oz can


Danger: flammable. Contents under pressure. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. See other cautions on back. Do not remove straw or nozzle. Contents are flammable: keep spray away from heat, sparks, pilot lights, open flames, etc. Unplug electrical tools, motors and appliances before spraying or bringing the can near any source of electricity. Electricity may burn hole in can and cause contents to burst into flames: to avoid serious burn injury, do not let the can touch battery terminals, electrical connections on motors or appliances, or any other source of electricity. Breathing hazard: use only in a well-ventilated area. Do not breathe vapor or spray mist. Deliberate or direct inhalation of vapor or spray mist may be harmful or fatal. Contents under pressure: do not store above 120 degrees F. Do not place can on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Heat may cause can to burst violently. Do not puncture, crush or incinerate (burn) can, even when empty. First aid, ingestion: contains petroleum distillates. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call physician immediately. Eye contact: immediately flush eyes with large amounts of water for 15 minutes. Skin contact: wash with soap and water. Inhalation (breathing): remove to fresh air. Give artificial respiration or oxygen, if necessary.


WD-40® Lubericant Spray. Multi-use product. Sprays 2 ways™. Spray stream. Sops squeaks. Removes & protects. Loosens rusted parts. Frees sticky mechanisms. Drives out moisture. Not for sale in California. Use on countless jobs. At work, and at home, on the farm, and in recreation. Alloy wheels. Engines. Hedge trimmers. Hinges. Nuts and bolts. Tolls. Lubricates moving parts such as: Hinges. Weels. Rollers. Chains. Gears. Protects against rust and corrosion on items like: Tools. Firearms. Sporting equipment. Penetrates to free stuck, corroded parts, like: Nuts. Bolts. Valves. Locks. Displaces moisture to restore wet or flooded equipment such as: Engines. Spark plugs. Power tools. WD-40 safety hotline 1-888-324-7596. www.wd40.com.

1. Shake can well. 2. Flip straw up for stream or down for spray. 3. Saturate area, let soak for several minutes. 4. For best rust protection, do not wipe off.

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WD-40 Company


San Diego, CA 92110 U.S.A.