Ja-Ru Grab-A-Bubble

Ja-Ru Grab-A-Bubble

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May leave residue or stain certain fabrics and surfaces. Do not drink solution or put bubbles in mouth. Use hot water to clean up bubble residue or simply rub with finger. Young children should use with adult supervision.


Bubbles last & last. Catch 'em & stack 'em. Touch 'em! 4+. Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963. GCC listed.

Directions: 1. Carefully unscrew cap and gently lift wand out of the solution. Allow excess to drip back into container. 2. For the most bubbles hold tip of wand downward and blow upwards thru the wand tip. 3. Watch as the bubbles float thru the air! 4. Allow a few seconds for bubbles to harden. 5. Gently touch bubbles to make them stick to your finger or hand. See how many you can catch and stack!

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