Ja-Ru Yummmerz Bubble Pop

Ja-Ru Yummmerz Bubble Pop

1.86 oz pkg


Bubble Pop.


Caution: Do not blow bubbles at anyone's eyes or face. Be careful, floors may become slippery. Use under adult supervision.Do not drink.


4-1/2 x 7. Age 4+ 1190118 GCC listed. Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963. The Toy Association.

Immerse wand smoothly and completely into solution. Do not slosh or stir the solution-this will create suds that will interfere with bubbles. Hold wand a few inches from mouth and blow slowly. (Do not blow short bursts of air.) The slower you blow, the bigger the bubbles will be. Dry surfaces pop bubbles, so wet your hands, wands and wherever you want bubbles to stay.

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