Giant Snap Hand

Giant Snap Hand

1 ct pkg


Ja-Ru® inc. giant snap hand. Age 4+. Fling it!. Stick it!. Super sticky & stretchy! # 414. © 2016 Ja-ru, inc. Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963

Giant Snap Hand™ is a stretchable toy hand that sticks to almost any smooth surface! Hold by loop end and toss the hand towards your target, or hold loop and stretch the hand back and release. Use to capture light weight objects like coins or marbles, or just have fun flinging your giant snap hand around! If toy becomes dirty and loses its stickiness, wash with soap and water to restore its function. always store in the original package to keep your giant snap hand™ clean and ready for action. contains oil and may stain if thrown onto walls or furniture. throw only at safe objects. do not throw a face. do not throw at people or animals. do not use near open flame. do not eat or place in mouth. do not overstretch to avoid breaking Choking hazard. never wrap around neck.

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Ja-Ru Inc


Jacksonville, FL 32258, USA