Ja-Ru Big Sky Spin Prop

Ja-Ru Big Sky Spin Prop

1 ct pkg


Do not use projectiles other than those supplied or recommended by the manufacturer. Caution: Use outdoors in open area. Keep away from trees & rooftops. Do not point at eyes or face. Do not aim at people or animals. Adult supervision recommended.


Big Sky™ Spin Prop. High flying fun. Watch it zoom! Age 6+. Wind up power! 3 Saucers. 6 ½ x 10. 4 Pc. 3 Props. Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963. Toy Industry Association, Inc. © 2016 Ja-Ru, Inc.

1. Press disc on to top of launcher. Twist disc clockwise a few turns. Do not over-twist. 2. Press button. Spin action. Aim upward away from eyes and face. Press button to fire. Watch it fly.

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