Ja-Ru Light Up Yo Yo

Ja-Ru Light Up Yo Yo

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Not ApplicableDo not dispose of this product in fire, batteries inside may explode or leak. Do not bury or burn.


Super bright light. Smooth ball bearing clutch. Just spin it! 1 pc: 4 x 6-1/2. Non replaceable battery is used. Lights up when you spin it! Smooth ball bearing action! 5+ Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963.

For best action first determine the proper string length. Hang the Yo-Yo by the string so it just touches the floor. Then mark the string about 4 inch above your waist. Now make a 1 inch loop at the place you've marked and cut off the extra string above loop A. Then pull the string through loop A, as shown, to form loop B. Slip your middle finger through loop B. Now you're ready to perform - Sleepin' Yo-Yo. Round-the-world walk-the-dog. Rock-the-cradle and many more!

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