O-Cedar PowerCorner MAX Broom with Dustpan Extra Large

O-Cedar PowerCorner MAX Broom with Dustpan Extra Large

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Large angle broom with premium dust pan. Think handle. Comfort grip. Double bristle technology. Anti-static dust man. Double bristle technology and a large, angled head give you more, sweeping power for cleaner floors with less effort. Firm, black bristles thoroughly pull dirt from corners. Semi-soft, gray bristles capture and more dirt effectively, so you don't have to double sweep the floor. Clearly sweep up messes on hardwood, ceramic tile, vinyl floors and more. The premium dust pan features rubber cleaning cones that quickly rid broom of dust and hair while the anti-static plastic releases dust into trash with one tap. Flare-Tip memory bristles are made from 80% recycled plastic and re-designed to capture fine dust while maintaining their shape. For indoor use.

Country of Origin

Proudly Assembled In USA. Assembled In The USA With Components From China And USA.


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