Lola Anti-Microbial Clean n' Wipe Rayon Cloths

Lola Anti-Microbial Clean n' Wipe Rayon Cloths

6 ct pkg


Please note: This product does not kill germs on other surfaces. Please use standard precautions to prevent foodborne illness, especially when cleaning surfaces with direct contact to food.


Lola® Clean N' Wipe™ Anti-Microbial Cloth. Inhibits growth of odor causing bacteria. Wipes clean and wipes dry. Reusable. Washable. 6 Pack. Each cloth: 12” x 22”/ 30.5 cm sur 55.9 cm. Say goodbye to ordinary paper towels. For dusting, polishing, cleaning and dishwashing. For automobiles and boats; in bathroom, kitchen, office and anywhere.

For best results: Rinse in warm water before and after use, especially when using with chlorinated products.

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