Clorox Ready Mop Dual Spray Flip Mop

Clorox Ready Mop Dual Spray Flip Mop

1 ct pkg


Cleaning Solution: Do not use products that contain sodium hypochlorite or sodium hydroxide with the dual-spray mop. Use appropriate floor cleaning detergents for the intended surface to be cleaned. Dilute floor cleaners according to the manufacturer suggested ratios for general mopping. Be sure to test solution in an inconspicuous area before using in the dual-spray mop. Bottle: Do not use water hotter than 160 degrees Fahrenheit or 71 degrees Celsius in the mop. The bottle is not to be used to store fluids for human or animal consumption.


Clorox® Ready Mop® Dual Spray Flip Mop. Dry chenille pad for dry dusting or Wet terry pad for a deep clean. New. Featuring antimicrobial protection of the bottle. 2x-Sides. For wet & dry clean. White microfiber chenille side. Attracts dirt & dust. Blue microfiber terry side. Damp deep clean. Washable & reusable pads. Easy to remove. Refillable bottle. 1 Microfiber pad. 1 Chewille Dusting Pad. The New Clorox® ReadyMop® Dual-Spray Flip Mop gives you absolute control over where you clean, how you clean and what you use to clean for both dry and wet applications. Regular dust mopping can be done with just the microfiber pad, while the dual-spray nozzle and an added cleaning solution are ideal for tough-to-clean areas. Dual-Spray Nozzle For wet application on all types of surfaces. Dual Sided Pads For wet and dry clean. Refillable Bottle Fill with your own cleaning solution or just water for rinsing or dust mopping. No-Slip Wall Grip Handle Stands up against walls without sliding or falling. Easy-Swivel Cleaning Action Take less time cleaning and get into hard-to-reach areas. Ergonomic Spray Trigger For quick and easy solution application without the need for batteries. Clorox...committed to helping you achieve a Cleaner and Healthier Home™. This Clorox® Cleaning Tool is made with antimicrobial materials to help inhibit the growth of bacteria on the bottle. The materials are built into the bottle during the manufacturing process to provide continuous protection that won't wash off or wear away over time. Clorox, ReadyMop and The Clorox logo are trademarks of The Clorox Company and may be registered. These marks are used under license by Esseplast USA. Manufactured by Esseplast USA. Questions or Comments? Please call 1-800-320-8045.

Bottle Removal/Installation: 1. To remove, pull bottle upwards. 2. To install, insert bottle and press until it clips in. How to Fill Bottle: Unscrew bottle cap, pour in preferred cleaning solution to fill line and fill the rest with water (or fill the whole bottle with water if not using any cleaning solution). Screw on bottle cap. Pad Removal/Installation: 1. To remove, pull pad away from mop head. 2. To install, place the pad cleaning side down on the floor, align the mop head and press down. Pads: Machine wash cold with like colors and do not use fabric softener. Let air dry.

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